Ultimate Knife & Tool Sharpener

Ultimate Knife & Tool Sharpener

Ultimate Knife & Tool Sharpener

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Blade grinding
Adjust the angle of the knob (15 ° -30 °), install the appropriate abrasive belt, generally in the order of coarse and fine, use the coarse sand belt to polish the burrs and then polish with a fine abrasive belt to make it sharp. After selecting the appropriate belt, put the knife into the V-shaped groove of the left and right guides, pull along the blade curve, and pull the outer edge of the guide from the root to the tip of the guide (only use the strength of the knife, not attached or attached) More powerful).

Generally, the outdoor or daily tool can be selected from low to medium speed. Pull the blade until the tip of the tool falls on the belt to stop turning the belt to avoid rounding the tip.


  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Black
  • Voltage: US 110V, US 220V
  • European 220V, AU 220V (Optional)
  • Power Switch: Variable Speed; On / Off / Instant
  • Sharpening angle: adjustable 15° - 30°
  • Size: 260 x 152 x 135mm / 10.24 x 5.98 x 5.31 inch (appr.)

Package Include:

  • 1 x Knife Sharpener
  • 5 x Polishing strip
  • 1 x Manual

We will send different adapters depending on the region.



  • It is recommended that the continuous use time of each boot should not exceed 20 minutes. This product is mainly used for sharp recovery of cutting tools. The power is limited. It is not suitable for other high-strength grinding. Please clean the machine including wheels after use.

Method summary:

  • (1) Newbie recommends using a large angle (greater than 25 degrees) to better understand the grinding force (do not squeeze the belt, touch the belt), understand the direction of the grinding on both sides of the belt, pay attention to Grinding the outside of the V-shaped groove.
  • (2) The vertical lines on the blade are perpendicular to the edge line, so as long as the belt can be perpendicular to the edge line on the belt, various blade shapes can be ground.
  • (3) Keep the height of the knife in the groove when grinding, to ensure complete symmetry, especially the side of the belt rotating downward should be consistent with the height of the other side.
  • (4) This new flat grinding design, pull out the V-groove grinding tool holder, install the steel sheet, and then adjust the combination frame to the appropriate angle to achieve the plane grinding function. This is a high-end function. It is not recommended for newcomers. Features.

Instruction Manual

Mounting belt
Insert the abrasive belt into the tension wheel and the impeller, then press the tension frame toward the driven wheel, insert the driven wheel, place the positive belt position, and complete the belt installation.

Adjust the sharpener frame position
Stabilize the sharpener, hold the compression spring positioning pin, adjust the combination frame to the position of the vertical mark positioning groove with the desktop, loosen the positioning pin, and snap into the bracket positioning hole to fix the bracket.

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