Miracle Growing Christmas Tree

Miracle Growing Christmas Tree

Miracle Growing Christmas Tree

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This amazing Growing Christmas Tree makes your Christmas fun and enjoyable!

To witness the miracle, all you have to do is add the special magic liquid to the base of the cardboard tree and watch the crystals grow. When you wake up the next morning, your tree will be covered with gorgeous colorful crystals!

This is the ultimate science experiment and great decoration for your home and office. 100% Safe to use and non-toxic.


Amaze your kids and friends by this Magic Growing Christmas Tree!


Magical Growth

A magical paper tree that grows enchantingly.

Enchanting Crystals

Sprouts vibrantly colored, fine crystals.

Safe to Use

Non-toxic and 100% safe.

Different Styles

Available in 3 different colors. Each tree grows in its unique way.

Amazing Gift

Both kids and adults would love this magical gift!


Size: 15 cm x 9.6 cm



1. Put the paper tree on the plate

2. Separate the forks

3. Put the decoration items on the tree

4. Pour magic water on the tree

5. The paper tree slowly sprouts, and the flowers bloom on the tree 10-12 hours later.


1 x Magic Growing Christmas Tree

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