Neck Towel Bra

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The Breathable Towel Bra is made with cotton that prevents boob sweat, keeps your "girls" in place without annoying straps and wires, and looks like a ridiculously chill garment to wear around the house.

Made with extremely soft towel material for sensitive skin.

Self-liberation: save your chest, you can walk freely at home, don't worry about sweating wet clothes. The perfect women accessory that you didn't know you needed it, until now!

Different from the traditional bra, this halter neck style lounge sling boob sweat towel is perfectly suitable for festive, pool parties, performances, bar, club and so on.
These towel bras are a hit!
Your "girls" will thank you 


Sizes Available:

  • SMALL: C - DD
  • LARGE: F - H


Please Note: Very close to the skin, so please kindly WASH BEFORE USING! 

How do I wash my Boob Sweat Towels?

  • Wash in COLD water only and hang to dry.

What size towel should I get for my cup size?
The towels are available in the following sizes:

  • S: Suggest (C-DD), Size:B 29.5in*A 8in
  • M: Suggest (DDD-E), Size:B 35.4in*A 9.5in
  • L: Suggest(F-H), Size:B 39in*A 11in

**Please make sure that you select the right size before placing the order.
My breasts have sensitive skin, is the material ok?
These are made with extremely soft cotton towel material, perfect for your tatas!

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