Stainless Steel Survival Folding Gravity Hook

Stainless Steel Survival Folding Gravity Hook

Stainless Steel Survival Folding Gravity Hook

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"I Am Vengeance! I Am The Night! I Am Batman!"

This is a multi-functional gravity hook made of high quality stainless steel.With claws,it can be used to climb trees,catch fallen objects,wild survival training and so on.It is equipped with a cool bat gear belt and can be used for emergency connection.There are two rubber O-rings,which can tightly tie the gravity hook,easy to carry and protect you from harm.I believe those outdoor sports fans will like it.

The Gravity Hook can then be used to throw and anchor itself into whatever you throw,which is great for hiking,using in an emergency,climbing stuff,or just pretending to be Batman.Plus it could even be used if you dropped something in a lake and need to retrieve it from the bottom.


  • New and unique design,Cool and eye-catching appearance,it can grab objects exactly.
  • Strong and hardness,hook claws reaches the highest level of hardness by using oil quenching process.
  • Strong magnetic force.With two rubber O-rings,it can tighten and fasten the grappling hook.
  • Small and compact with folding claws,can expand and collapse, easy to carry.
  • Strong bearing,can hold weight up to about 300kg.
  • With a bat gear tie,used for emergency connect and hanging things.
  • Multi-purposes as an opener,a car traction rescuer,an object grabber,a hook hanging keys,etc.
  • Suitable for disaster relief,climbing trees,anchoring,grapple falling objects,etc.
  • Suitable for car traction rescue,outdoor activities like camping,wilderness survival training and adventure activities.


  • Material: stainless steel.

What you get:

  • Gravity hook * 1
  • Bat gear tie * 1
  • storage bag * 1
  • Rubber O-rings * 2

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